DJ DJ Arcanus

DJ Arcanus

DJ Arcanus is the founder of Xiled Radio. He started in radio in 1994 and moved into the club arena a few years later. After more than a decade of djing in clubs in North America and western Europe, it is time to reach beyond club nights and include internet radio into the mix. All of the his sets are DJed live. No software is used to mix the music. See the about page for more information.

DJ DJ Peter Lee

DJ Peter Lee

DJ Peter Lee has been spreading noise throughout New England since 1998 - first starting with radio, then all over the New england club scene. Expect eclectic mixes aggresive electronic music with or without beats.

DJ DJ Worms Of The Earth

DJ Worms Of The Earth

Dan began DJing in 2004 using a pair of crappy american dj cdjs. His beginnings were highly influenced by the rave scene, notably psy and goa trance. In 2007 he put aside DJing to focus on his music project Worms of the Earth, though he still enjoys spinning out whenever possible. Expect mainly dark ambient, coupled with the occasional high energy club set of power noise and terror ebm. Sets are typically made using the 4 Deck configuration on VirtualDJ with a Hercules DJ Console RMX controller.

DJ DJ Levy Daal

DJ Levy Daal

Levy Daal is a noise musician, promoter and DJ at home. He focuses especially on the harder and darker music styles such as Noise, Power Electronics, Dark Ambient, Drone, etc.. in other words real old fashioned, pure and especially nasty Industrial.